Tror vi spiser sunnere!

På oppdrag fra Bama har Synovate MMI spurt tusen nordmenn hvor mye frukt og grønt de har spist de siste 24 timene. Når alle poteter, bær, epler og juiceglass var talt opp, endte gjennomsnittet på 6,6 om dagen.

In reality lies intake at 2.7 a day, according to Bama and industry statistics. Do not Lie This is a common observation in terms of food .When we asked how much we eat ice, soda and chocolate, the answer is often opposite, when we say that we eat less than we actually do, says researcher Unni Kjærnes in National Institute for Consumer Research, Sifo. She emphasizes that the difference between actual and imaginary intake of fruit and vegetables should not be interpreted to mean that people lie. most people are aware that they should eat healthy, it is the norm. Then answer one might also way you think they should, so expectations implies. You might think that you do not eat as much fruit and vegetables yesterday, but you usually do, and then reply to what you think is normal, says Kjærnes.

The difference between belief and reality is also because it is can be difficult to have overview of what you eat during the day. Meals are many, and it is easy to forget about dinner contained both peas and carrots, and if you ate an apple before lunch. Spreading information On average eats EU citizens four a day.Although there is some way to go to five a day , Norwegians consume ever more fruit and vegetables. The industry’s largest wholesaler, Bama, believes increasingly are right for that goal will be reached. It has become much easier to eat five a day than it was before because both the availability and selection have become bigger and better. Now you get apples and bananas at gas stations and convenience stores. In the workplace it is usually access to fruit baskets, and in the cafeteria, it is usually a salad bar, says Hanne Linnert in Bama. Grocery stores have also begun to replace chocolate in front of the boxes of fruit and vegetables.

Availability is important in several ways. Studies show, for example, that it is eaten more fruit when cut up. Processed fruit and vegetables are popular. Now you can buy complete salad mixes, fresh fruit mixtures, apples with dip in portion packs and small snacks carrots, ready to eat, says Linnert. ” Does not apply to me ” Five a day means five portions, which, according to Health and Social Affairs, for example, look like this: A medium-sized fruit, about 1.5 deciliter fruit or vegetable juice, about 150 grams of cooked or raw vegetables, a serving bowl of mixed salad, or 1-2 deciliter berries. High confidence in their own health may paradoxically cause lower consumption of healthy foods. It can make communication more difficult. People want a certain degree of thinking that ” this does not apply to me ” when they read that we eat too little fruit and vegetables, says Unni Kjærnes in Sifo.

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